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Online Perks Sparking Offline Business 



A game-changing way to connect your business to new, nearby, repeat customers. 

How it Works.

  • Feature your Monthly Perk in each property's app Neighborhood Perks section.

  • Reach up to 50,000+ Residents across Chicago and Nationwide.

  • Enjoy New Customers who often become regulars.

  • Receive a Neighborhood Ambassador dedicated to helping your business.

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$300/mo. to reach all 150+ Chicago properties, or $450 for all 250+ Nationwide.

  • Adjust your Perk once per month. 

  • FREE push notification to all residents for every 3 months enrolled.

  • Cancel any time with 30 days notice. 

For a Limited Time: 

  1. Pick your properties, Perk, & send back your agreement, logo, product images & descriptions.

  2. We create a preview for your approval, then take care of all marketing & promotions.

  3. Start receiving new customers!

Get Started as Easy as: 

The Monthly Perks Program kicks off in Spring of 2022 with access to over 150 downtown high rise properties in Chicago and over 250 nationwide

$300/mo. normally $15/property.

Monthly Perks Program.

Connecting Businesses with Thousands of Neighboring Residents.
With our proprietary software + services in over 250 high-rise residential properties Nationwide, we find ourselves in a unique position to offer a game-changing win-win solution to connect businesses with properties and residents.


The Monthly Perks Program uses our digital platform to create, manage, and offer you >



Reach your target market where they live, on an app they consistently use.

No marketing promotions required, we do all the work.

How it Works >

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How it Works

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