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Elevated Living.

Elevated Living is a full-service ecosystem built for modern Class A communities. We combine technology with human powered hospitality to elevate the resident experience.


We believe that residents shouldn't have to download a dozen different apps to take advantage of services offered within their community. In communities powered by Elevated Living, residents are provided a single branded "building" app that combines traditional building operations with modern concierge services. From submitting work orders, to signing up for fitness classes, events, global retreats, to booking a housekeeper or enjoying your local Neighborhood perks - Elevated Living is your all-in-one technology and services partner.

Services we offer: Property Hub for managers, branded resident apps, events and experiences for residents, on-demand personal services (housekeeping, pets, wellness, handyman, and more), part-time or full-service amenity management, and our new to market LIFEstyle brand, focused on connecting residents with their local communities (Learn More Below).


Modern Class A multifamily buildings rely on Elevated Living’s exclusive branded software and personalized services to showcase lifestyle amenities. 


Our History.

How we got here and where we're headed.


Elevated Living was officially launched in 2014 and offered personal services to residents living in luxury apartment buildings. 2017 we rebranded to "Elevated Living" and launched our "all-in-one" technology platform. Since then we've had one goal in mind - to deliver the best resident experience solution. We are now doing this in over 250 properties across 10+ US markets, providing a game-changing intersection of software & services.

With our core business established and growing fast, we are excited to enhance the resident experience even more with the launch in 2022, of our new experience focused brand, LIFEstyle, by Elevated Living. LIFEstyle will focus on offering enhanced resident experiences out of the properties to help residents connect and grow with their neighbors, friends, and community. 


It starts with local & regional Field Trips, connecting residents with local business Pop-Ups, and neighborhood & online Perks. Get ready as we roll out these truly exciting services in Chicago and prepare to expand to each market we get to serve. We look forward to seeing you out there! 

Connecting Residents with Their Local Community


in YOUR property?

by Elevated Living

Want LIFEstyle,

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