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Neighborhood Perks + Happy Hours + Meal Delivery



A game changing way to connect your residents to new, nearby, restaurants. 

How it Works.

  • Host a 2-hour monthly Happy Hour with a $10 pre-sold ticket that includes: 1 drink, 1 hour of light hors d'oeuvres, & your resident Perk.

  • Invite residents to enjoy monthly pre-fixed "Elevated Eats" meal delivery services.

  • Offer Monthly Perks to neighborhood restaurants for new and repeat visits. 

  • Receive a dedicated Neighborhood Ambassador to coordinate everything for you.

Details: Offer hundreds of residents a new way to enjoy their neighborhood, without any additional work to you. We'll let you know which restaurants are available, and take care of the rest. 

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$99/mo. after the first 2 months, per restaurant, or $249/mo. every for 4 restaurants.

  • Elevated Living retains happy hour ticket sales.

  • All tickets are sold conveniently through the Elevated Living property apps.

  • Cancel any time with 30 days notice. 

1ST 2 Months FREE. 

  1. Pick the restaurant & month to start.

  2. Send back your agreement.

  3. Watch your residents enjoy the service!

Get Started as Easy as: 

The Monthly Perks Program kicks off in Chicago in Spring 2022, and soon will expand to South Florida, Irvine, CA, Dallas, TX.

Monthly Perks Program.

Connecting Your Residents with Perks to Neighboring Restaurants.
We're excited to find ourselves in a unique position to offer a win-win formula for properties to add to their community's services, restaurants to engage with more potential customers, and ultimately enhance resident's lives.


The Monthly Perks Program uses our digital platform to create, manage, & offer 3 new products >



Increase residents experience where they live, on an app they consistently use.

No promotions or management required, we do all the work.

How it Works >

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How it Works

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